About the Curator

Who is Jason Voiovich?

My arrival in marketing was doomed from birth. I was born into a family of artists, immigrants, and entrepreneurs. Frankly, it’s lucky I didn’t end up as a circus performer. I’m sure I would have fallen off the tightrope by now. My father was an advertising creative director. One grandfather manufactured the first disposable coffee filters in pre-Castro Cuba. Another grandfather invented the bazooka. Yet another invented Neapolitan ice cream (really!) I was destined to advertise the first disposable ice cream grenade launcher, but the ice cream just kept melting!

I took bizarre ideas like those into the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota, and MIT’s Sloan School of Management. It should surprise no one that they are all embarrassed to have let me in.

I’ve been involved in hundreds of new product launches – as an entrepreneur, product designer, advertising strategist, and executive – everything from medical devices, to virtual healthcare, to non-dairy consumer cheese, to helping pets avoid the cone of shame, to sex aides for cows (really!) These days, I am an independent portfolio career professional. If you’re here, you likely know me from only one of those many points of view. For some, I am a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (Vojvdec & Sigma). For others, I am a user experience consultant (Agent Zero: Mission UX). For many, I am their coach on their own independent career journey (Voyageur U).

I’m most grateful that the career portfolio I’ve created allows me to follow my passion and entrepreneurial spirit, helping others who have helped me.

One of those passions is telling stories – specifically, stories in history – in a way that readers will find the same joy in them that I do. In 2021, I will publish Marketer in Chief: The Story of America: As Sold By Its Presidents. In it, I reconsider the entire idea of America as a nation – from a tantalizing and fresh perspective. I recast the president as a brand manager of the American idea, much as Henry Ford shaped the development of the automobile, or as Steve Jobs introduced the world to the smartphone. No less than the Model T and the iPhone, America itself is an innovation in government and culture.

I can’t wait to tell you those stories. Sign up for Print Book, eBook, and Audiobook pre-order notifications on this website.

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