How could a fresh set of eyes help us get “unstuck” as a democratic society?

Be honest: when you first read this document about a marketer tackling presidential politics, where did your mind go? Trump. Obama. Clinton. And right after that, how did you feel? Sick to your stomach. Angry. Indignant. I know the feeling, and it sucks. (If you want to make it worse, spend a few minutes on Twitter.) Let me make the case that one of the major reasons we’re in our present predicament is that we have been forced to absorb presidential history specifically, and politics in general, through one of a handful of perspectives:

  1. Right versus left: Polarization leads to tribalism, anger, and poor decisions.
  2. Centrism: The right/left’s milquetoast cousin. A good compromise leaves no one happy.
  3. Historical Trends and Forces: Do you enjoy being lectured by academics? Neither do I. It’s the tyranny of the “interesting”, and no one seems to be listening.

As a practicing Chief Marketing Officer, I cannot promise a solution to all of our society’s problems. Nor would I attempt to argue that other perspectives offer no value. That’s both foolish and arrogant. But marketing is a practical perspective, not an ideological one, and its voice is missing in the dialog. Marketing takes a stand, and never sits on the fence. Marketing celebrates results, and abhors the merely interesting. Looking at presidents through a marketing perspective has shown me solutions to problems I never would have considered otherwise. If I can share those stories in a practical way, perhaps the Marketer in Chief project can serve as a field guide to a new way of considering other issues as well. It will give people a different set of tools to use in public debates that shifts the discussion from ideology to practicality.

It’s worth a shot.

. . .

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