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I had the opportunity to sit down with Fox9 (the Minneapolis Fox Affiliate station) anchor Tim Blotz. We took a diversion from the historical perspective to discuss the branding of the current Democratic Party candidates for office, and by extension, Trump as well.

You can watch the segment here.
And read Tim’s article here.


Why is Marketer In Chief interesting for your readers?

Marketer In Chief is an ambitious project that explores unique aspects of all 44 US presidents from the perspective of a CMO (that’s me, Jason Voiovich). Presidents are inherently interesting people, especially during an election season. Marketing and advertising also are inherently interesting. Marketing “surrounds us” – the average American sees over 5,000 advertisements in a single day. Both the president and marketing are pervasive influences in our culture, but no one has put the two together. Until now!
Yes, you can find other historians and marketing experts who talk about “messaging” strategies as they relate to political campaigns and persuasion, but what about comparing George Washington’s task of building confidence in a new currency with the same challenge faced by Bitcoin? That’s right. Your readers have never read anything like that before.
What, Bitcoin isn’t interesting? That’s okay. There are 44 presidents. I have 44 options for you! Let’s talk about what will interest your readers or what story you’re working on.
(Curious about what that means or how that looks? Have a look at the page for Harry Truman – that will give you an idea of the style and structure.)
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What are your options for an interview with Jason Voiovich?

The interview could be conducted in multiple formats – all based on your preference and available time:
  • Responding to written questions you supply in advance
  • Conducting a telephone interview
  • Conducting a video interview (via Skype, etc.)
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If you am interested, how do you get in touch with us?

Please email me at and we will respond to you promptly (usually within 24 hours).
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