Exclusive Bonus Content Offer for Preorder Customers!

It’ll look just like this…except it won’t be fuzzy (aka low resolution).

Get your copy of “22 reasons Jesus versus Satan was the most effective political advertisement of all time.”

To be eligible, you need to:

  1. Preorder Marketer in Chief from your favorite bookseller (either eBook or Print)
  2. Complete the information on this form.

All eligible entrants will receive a digital copy of my advertising analysis of the “Jesus versus Satan” ad in PDF format. You can see a low resolution thumbnail of what you’ll get on this page. I will NOT publish this content with the book. This document has no monetary value. This offer cannot be sold or transferred. This offer is open internationally and for preorders on any retailer where the book is available.

The digital file will be delivered to the email entered on the form within 48 hours of submission, so double check that you entered your email correctly and make sure to check your spam filter!

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