Presidential Historians: We need your help!

What are we asking for?

Marketer In Chief is an ambitious project that explores unique aspects of all 44 US presidents from the perspective of a CMO (that’s me, Jason Voiovich). But no one person can be the expert on all 44 presidents, and especially not me. I am not a historian. To help provide the depth an insight into the lives of these fascinating people and their times, I need your help.
I’ll discuss some specific options for “compensation” for your time below, but my sales pitch to you is this: Marketer In Chief will help bring your work and scholarship to a new (and broader) audience in a new light, expanding our citizenry’s understanding of the role of the president by explaining it in terms they understand: Marketing, advertising, and innovation.
In our interview, we will not attempt to cover every aspect of a president’s life and times, but rather a specific situation and unique context. I will provide a framework and discussion guide / questions in advance to guide the interview. Of course, you may choose to add, remove, or change those questions – you are the expert!
Have a look at the page for Harry Truman – that will give you an idea of how the process could work.
Thank you for your help!
. . .

What are your options for an interview?

The interview could be conducted in multiple formats – all based on your preference and available time:
  • Responding to written questions I supply in advance
  • Conducting a telephone interview (published as original audio or as a transcription)
  • Conducting a video interview (via Skype, etc – I would arrange the technology)
. . .

How will we publish your interview?

We plan to publish materials on each President on a weekly basis beginning January 2020 and continuing through the November election. Materials will be published on the Marketer In Chief website as well as promoted on Twitter and via email.
We cannot tell you precisely where each president will fall on the schedule other than to say that I am *not* planning to use a chronological format (e.g. George Washington in week 1). I will notify you in advance of publication so that you can review and make any changes.
. . .

What will you get in return?

While I am not available to provide direct financial compensation (at this time), I can provide other tangible support for your efforts. That includes:
  1. Promoting your book (or academic paper) on the Marketer In Chief website on that president’s page.
  2. Search Engine Optimization for that page, which will increase visibility of your book and your scholarship.
  3. Promotion on Twitter during the week we promote that president.
  4. Promotion via email to our subscriber base.
  5. Direct links from the Marketer In Chief website to to purchase your book.
. . .

If you are interested, how do you get in touch with us?

Please email and we will respond to you promptly (usually within 24 hours).
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