Join Tracy Wilson and Special Guest Jason Voiovich author of ‘Marketer in Chief’ as we travel back through history to understand the patterns so you can use those insights to create new innovations and opportunities today.

Show Notes:

Top Five Communication Lessons from the U.S. Presidents:

1. Paint a positive vision like JFK (John F Kennedy)
Moon mission
“Ask not what your country can do for you…”

2. Handle the haters like William Henry Harrison
Own the insult, don’t refute it
They called him an old man who like to drink hard cider
He started serving hard cider at all his rallies

3. Stand up for what you believe in like John (and Abigail) Adams
They wrote their values into law (equality before the law, education for everyone, etc)

4. Be funny like Abe Lincoln
Wit laughs at everyone, humor laughs with everyone
There’s an important difference

5. Be honest like Harry Truman
Level with people; they’ll respect you for it
People are smarter than politicians (or CEOs) give them credit for

Bonus! Dress like Ben Franklin
When he was advocating for American aid in the French court during the Revolutionary War, he put on a “costume” and manners of what the French thought an American should be like. He did Not try to copy them or ingratiate himself.

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