Jason shared his innovation stories from cattle farming to the marketing of presidents, we covered his curiosity around the scientific process, how he helps a Museum with Dinosaurs and of course explore the innovative process of his book.

Guest Links: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonvoiovich/

Jason’s book: http://marketerinchief.com/

00:00:00 Podcast introduction.

00:01:23 Jason’s introduction.

00:07:58 The road into marketing.

00:14:07 Growing up with artists.

00:18:58 Entrepreneurship informed by learnings in a non-traditional childhood.

00:26:36 Pivoting skillsets for marketing.

00:32:34 Getting used to taking risks

00:38:26 Validating theories through literature.

00:41:02 Learning when to quit.

00:43:17 The background behind “Marketer in Chief.”

00:47:20 Political history informing current innovation.

00:51:46 Evolutions in marketing over the last two decades.

00:57:10 What’s your dream project?

00:59:22 Evolutions in marketing over the last two decades.

01:01:45 How do you stay up-to-date?

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